Sweden, UK, Germany

Otis Sandsjö – saxophone
Dan Nicholls – keys & synths
Petter Eldh – bass & synths
Tilo Weber – drums

Otis Sandsjö, named after a certain Mr. Redding and not after an elevator, is the mastermind behind Y-OTIS. Bringing his genre-bending, forward-looking liquid jazz sounds from Sweden via Berlin to the world, the sax-playing marvel is back with Y-OTIS 2 (Wejazz), produced by Koma Saxo's multi-talented Petter Eldh. Otis's sound has been described as an 'audio mosaic' fusing together micro moods, inspired as much by Hip Hop and electronica as by jazz. Hypnotizing saxophone riffs and a highly fragmented jazz style manage to bring strong melodies and flowing funk beats.
Kunsthaus Nexus
Am Postplatz 1
5760 Saalfelden

Y-Otis - live @ Club Gretchen, Berlin