Stages of the Festival

Every single stage of the festival captivates with its very own character: the sophisticated Mainstage with its main concerts at the Congress Saalfelden, the spin-offs and cheeky performances at the Shortcuts, the variety of free City Tracks at the park, the Kunsthaus Nexus, the Bookbindery Fuchs or the Otto-Gruber-Hall. In addition, various natural stages and alpine pastures around Saalfelden offer a unique combination of magnificent mountain panoramas and diversified music.


All locations at a glance


  • Mainstage with Otto Gruber Hall
  • Shortcuts
  • We hike Jazz

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City Tracks:

  • Park
  • Nexus+
  • Bookbindery Fuchs (space for 100 persons)
  • Brücklwirtshaus (space for 100 persons)

Mountain Tracks:

  • Forest "Kollingwald"
  • Hermitage "Einsiedelei"
  • "Almkonzert" (Stöcklalm in Leogang)


Congress Saalfelden

As the name suggests, the Mainstage in the Congress Center is the largest venue and also the heart of the Jazzfestival. It is the room of concentrated listening with thirteen concerts over three days, in which renowned names of the international jazz scene as well as numerous new discoveries come together.

ATTENTION: Once again, the Gruber Halle location will be integrated into the Mainstage concert ticket. This means that ticket buyers will be offered a total of 13 concerts in the Mainstage and 4 concerts in the Otto-Gruber Halle from Friday to Sunday!


Kunsthaus Nexus

With six concerts, this is the stage on which we present smaller formations on the one hand, as well as projects decoupled from the main stage - an absolute must for die-hard jazz fans!

There is always a big rush here - therefore our tip: save your tickets early enough!



City Tracks | Mainstage

The Otto Gruber Hall was built in the 1950s and served the company "Landmaschinen Otto Gruber" as its first own workshop before it was shut down in 1996. With its central location directly in the Mittergasse Saalfelden as well as the industrial flair, it reflects the urban facet of Saalfelden.

ATTENTION: Once again, the Gruber Halle location will be integrated into the Mainstage concert ticket. This means that ticket buyers will be offered a total of 13 concerts in the Mainstage and 4 concerts in the Otto-Gruber Halle from Friday to Sunday!


City Tracks

Also in this festival year, the Kunsthaus Nexus offers a stage for the  Nexus+ concerts in addition to the Shortcuts. The free Nexus+ series provides a lot of boisterous atmosphere, inviting you to party until late into the night.


City Tracks

As in previous years, the creative setting of Bookbindery Fuchs will be a place for musical encounters, where musicians will meet between original handicraft machines for spontaneous impro sessions. In addition, Buchbinderei Fuchs offers space for extraordinary projects.


City Tracks

The city park already established itself as a venue a few years ago and has been a central meeting point for the festival ever since. With a diverse program, the open-air stage attracts both local and international audiences. A gastronomic mile offering local and international specialties as well as comfortable deck chairs and pallet furniture invite visitors to linger.


City Tracks

The Brücklwirtshaus in Saalfelden looks back on a remarkably long history and was already mentioned in documents around 1400. The house is particularly valuable in terms of building history, as it has essentially been preserved in its original state. The house has been owned by the Hartl family since 1875, when it was acquired by the great-great-grandfather of the current owner Florian Hartl. He is once again opening the venerable rooms for culture and the joy of celebrating occasions of all kinds together.


Mountain Tracks

With two concerts, the natural stage in the forest "Kollingwald"  finds once again a place in the festival calender again this year. In the midst of nature, a mystical atmosphere unfolds from unique jazz music paired with the magic of the forest.

How to find the concert venue Kollingwald:
The starting point for the easy hike to the concert venue (780 m) is the Kollingwald parking area. To find the car park, follow the Kollingwald road coming from Saalfelden town centre, pass the Nordic Centre until you reach the crossing of the road (left to Bsuch / right to Breitenbergham). The car park is located directly at this junction. From there, a path leads through the forest to the concert venue, which is signposted starting from the car park. The walking time is approx. 5-10 minutes.

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Mountain Tracks

At the free alpine pasture concerts ("Almkonzerte"), a cozy atmosphere is guaranteed when beautiful mountain panorama meets the charm of Austrian alpine huts. In keeping with this, the audience can expect a unique mix of different music styles, which also includes the necessary dose of humor.

Hermitage "Einsiedelei"

Mountain Tracks

The hermitage on the Palfen was built in the 17th century.
It was built on a rock above Lichtenberg Castle in the 17th century.
It is one of the last inhabited hermitages in Europe and serves as a resting place for the soul for many holidaymakers and locals alike.
In 2024, this special place will host the Jazzfestival for the first time.


Mountain Tracks

The "We Hike Jazz" - music hikes offer the opportunity to explore the local landscape of Saalfelden Leogang together with the artists. During the hikes, several stops are made to enjoy the music against a magnificent mountain and natural scenery. There is a limited number of participants per hike of 30 people - it's worth it to sign up quickly! Tickets are available
in our Ticketshop.