VIP- Area

Experience the festival from its most exclusive side and enjoy the benefits of our VIP Pass: with access to an area reserved for artists, media, and VIP guests only.
Presales until 18/08/2024
FROM 19/08/2024
3-day ticket
€ 439,00
€ 492.00
1-day ticket
€ 165,00
€ 185,00

This year, the Gruber Halle location will be integrated into the Mainstage ticket. This means that ticket buyers will be able to enjoy a total of 13 concerts in the Mainstage and 4 concerts in the Otto Gruber Hall from Friday to Sunday!

The Otto Gruber Hall was built in the 1950s and served as the first workshop of the Otto Gruber agricultural machinery company before it was closed down in 1996. With its central location directly in the Mittergasse Saalfelden and its industrial flair, it reflects the urban facet of Saalfelden. After a 30-year break, we invited artists and visitors to this venue last year, and in 2022 it will once again be a fixture of our festival.