Valentin Liechti Trio


Shems Bendali - trumpet
Rodrigo Aravena - bass
Valentin Liechti - drums

It would be unfair to reduce the musicianship of this Zurich-based musician from Geneva to his playing the drums. After all, Valentin Liechti also sings his own songs as "mango peaches and lime" like a lambchopping Nick Drake, composes music for dance films or produces and mixes for lofi hip hop and pop stars, Erik Truffaz or Vincent Peirani. His trio with Australian bassist Rodrigo Aravena and French trumpeter Shems Bendali made their exciting debut at the festival Cully Jazz this year.
Otto Gruber Halle
Mittergasse 18
5760 Saalfelden

Valentin Liechti - Cully Jazz 2020