Terms and Conditions

State July 2017

Terms and conditions of the organizer "Tourismusverband Saalfelden

Corresponds to the general terms and conditions for organizers and event agencies, published and recommended by the professional organizations of the leisure companies in the Austrian Economic Chambers.

These terms and conditions apply to all visitors (participants) of the Jazzfestival Saalfelden and regulate the rights and obligations of the visitors during their stay. All events are also subject to the provisions of the respective event law of the country or municipality.

Ticket sales of the Jazzfestival Saalfelden are conducted by Tourismusverband Saalfelden. To carry out the order of tickets, the system of the company mtms Solutions GmbH (A-5301 Eugendorf, Nordstraße 4) is used as a processor. 

For more information on the data protection of mtms Solutions GmbH, please see:


A resale of tickets for commercial purposes as well as admission tickets for which reductions, reductions or rebates were made, is only permitted with the written permission of the Tourismusverband Saalfelden. If an unauthorized sale is determined, the card loses its validity immediately. The Tourism Association of Saalfelden explicitly reserves the right to take further legal steps.

Program and occupation changes remain reserved to the organizer and do not entitle the return or exchange of cards and also no price reduction.

Exchange and the withdrawal of tickets are excluded. No refunds are possible in the case of card loss.

The organizer is only liable for damages caused by him, intentional or grossly negligent. Liability for slight negligence, the replacement of consequential damages, pure property damages, loss of profit, unrealized savings, interest losses and damages resulting from claims of third parties against the customer are excluded. The organizer is therefore liable in the case of cancellation, postponement, changes in the program or occupation, not for expenses incurred at most, such as, in particular, travel charges, hotel charges and order fees.

Events can be canceled due to technical defects, official and / or legal order / conditions, illness or prevention of the artist(s) or bad weather (especially rain, hail or storm). The return of tickets is only possible if the event is canceled or relocated. In this case, the Tourist Board of Saalfelden will reimburse the net ticket price on presentation of the invoice without a processing fee. There will be no travel expenses for cancellation or transfer of the event. We ask you to inform yourself before the trip whether the event takes place as planned.

Admission to the events is only permitted on presentation of a valid ticket and closed bracelet. Press, guest, VIP, artist and other admission tickets or accreditations entitle to use or to visit the sections for which they were issued. With the receipt of a ticket or admission authorization, the holder submits to the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions and the respective house rules. After passing the barrier, the tickets and tapes shall be non-transferable until the exhibitor has left the event and / or carried them on request at any time. The entrance ticket is invalid without a demolition. Any misuse of tickets will result in their acceptance and invalidity, as well as the forfeiture of the money collected for this purpose and, if necessary, court proceedings. All sales or distribution of tickets - outside the cash desks - are prohibited on the entire venue; The sale, the importation and the distribution of advertising or political advertising material, printing sites, goods and the like is bound - without prejudice to the relevant official regulations - to the prior consent of the organizer. Accommodation is strictly forbidden at all events.

Professional photography, as well as professional film, video and sound recordings for commercial purposes, are only permitted with a written, registered name of the organizer. The visitors of the Jazzfestival Saalfelden expressly and irrevocably consent to the use of their pictures and their voice, if they were taken in connection with the event. This consent is without compensation, without temporal or spatial restriction.

In case of danger, the visitors are invited to leave the rooms in good time. The relevant regulations of the supervisory and security staff must be followed immediately. Any other (safety) instructions from authorized persons must also be observed without undue delay.

Every visitor has to behave in such a way that no one else is endangered, harmed, disabled or harassed. The notification, prohibition and prohibition signs, as well as the arrangements made by the inspection bodies or official monitoring bodies, must be observed. It is also prohibited to disturb the event, to use or disseminate political propaganda and acts, racist discriminatory or anti-constitutional slogans / emblems; To throw objects of every kind, or to spill liquids of any kind; Fire, fireworks, luminaries, smoke powders, smoke bombs, Bengal fires, rockets, miracle candles, or other pyrotechnic objects; Construction, facilities, or ways to inscribe, paint or adorn, or to construct other items in the Annex; To carry out the emergency service outside the toilets or to remove the building by throwing away objects, waste, packaging, empty containers or similar. To be contaminated with; Traffic areas, walkways and ways of transport, access to and exit from the visitor areas and escape routes; On the seats in the audience areas. Anyone who damages or damages facilities is liable for the damages in full. Parents, their legal representatives and their supervisors shall be jointly and severally liable for damages caused by minors. All traffic routes and exits must remain unlocked and unlocked. Furnishings, armchairs and benches shall not be removed from their locations or placed in traffic routes or on the standing places. Buildings and facilities not intended for general use, in particular facades, fences, walls, enclosures, barriers, lighting systems, camera ap- peals, trees, masts of all kinds and roofs may neither be exceeded.

Alcoholic visitors who are under the influence of intoxicants or addictive drugs or who can not be charged for other similar reasons have no access or can be referred to the house. Furthermore, arbitrary disregard of (safety) instructions, aggressive behavior, retirement, disruption of public propriety, as well as violation of the relevant legal regulations of the protection of minors can lead to a reprimand from the event.

All visitors to the event are prohibited from carrying the following items:



  • Weapons of all kinds;
  • Objects that can be used as weapons or throwing missiles;
  • Gas spray bottles, corrosive or coloring substances or pressure vessels for highly flammable or harmful gases, with the exception of commercially available flashlights;
  • Glass containers, bottles, cans, plastic canisters, hard packs or other items made of glass or other fragile, splintering or particularly hard material;
  • Pyrotechnic material such as fireworks, etc.

The court of jurisdiction is Saalfelden.