Vucciria: City Stage - Jazzfestival 2015

This event has already taken place.

Peppe Perna – vocals, guitar, jaw harp
Toti Denaro – vocals, bass, guitar, mandoline, drums
Manu Mazé – vocals, accordion
Nicoló Loro Ravenni - vocals, sax, clarinet, flute

:: sponsored by Hagleitner ::

Vucciria derives its name from the market in the old town of Palermo, a rich cultural heritage site. The band showcases the market’s diverse cultural influences in a charmingly fresh and rousing manner. When Giuseppe Perna and Toti Denaro explain to listeners the stories behind their songs with typical Sicilian charm, good cheer spreads throughout the audience. Giuseppe and Toti’s inimitable voices, the virtuoso performance of the band’s musicians, and their infectiously joyful sound make for a treat for the eye, ear, and soul.
Town Hall Square Saalfelden
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