Temple 1

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Mario Rom - trumpet
Fabian Rucker - saxophones
Philipp Nykrin - fender rhodes/synth
Beate Wiesinger - bass
Lukas König - drums

Music outside of space and time. Carried by never ending energy.
It is inexorably approaching like a fireball. It is the first meeting of these five exceptional Austrian artists. Their music is found somewhere between avant-garde and tradition, but stylistically completely open and rooted in free improvisation.The urge to always play and listen to new things and the love for simplicity are not mutually exclusive - they are being celebrated.
No warming up here, they are cooking with fire!

All concerts are conducted in accordance with the applicable Covid-19 regulations.

presented by Arbeiterkammer Salzburg
Roof top congress center
Day of Event
Stadtplatz 2
5760 Saalfelden

Mario Rom's INTERZONE - Choose Your Vision (live)

Fabian Rucker 5 - MANTRA

Philipp Nykrin & Fabian Rucker - “Home”

Kœnig - Get Net 9 (live im RadioKulturhaus)

e c h o boomer - THAUMATROP II