Scatter The Atoms That Remain


Ben Solomon - saxophone
Davis Whitfield - piano
Jason Clotter - bass
Franklin Kiermyer - drums

Drummer, composer and bandleader Franklin Kiermyer is a renowned musician in the jazz scene, known mostly for his expansive style of drumming, distinct sound and the spiritual focus of his music. His musical path has led him through many stations from New-Orleans-Jazz, Bartók and Rhythm&Blues to the New York free jazz scene.

Kiermyer conveys a sense of shared catharsis through music that is at once majestic, wild and relatable. „Scatter The Atoms That Remain“ canalizes a kind of beautiful, disciplined intensity for which the late John Coltrane stands for with his album „A Love Surpreme.“
Kunsthaus Nexus
Day of Event
Am Postplatz 1
5760 Saalfelden

Scatter the Atoms that Remain