Sao Paulo Underground: Short Cuts - Jazzfestival 2015

This event has already taken place.
USA, Brasil

Rob Mazurek - cornet, electronics
Guilherme Granado - keyboards, synths, sampler, voice
Mauricio Takara - percussion, cavaquinho, electronics

After a workshop in Chicago in 1996, Rob Mazurek founded his Underground Project. This formation has been incarnated in many forms, from duo to orchestra. After Mazurek’s move to Brazil, the São Paulo Underground has been his longest lasting musical collaboration. This ensemble serves up an astonishingly organic blend of samba and bossa nova rhythms, experimental electronic sounds, and sweeping jazz improvisations. The term “eclectic” does not even cover their musical style. In this band, Mazurek successfully cultivates a completely independent and inimitable ensemble sound. The musicians take listeners to a realm where opposites seemingly no longer exist—i.e., to the heart of a vital Brazilian urban sound.
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