Rob Mazurek and Black Cube SP: Mainstage - Jazzfestival 2015

This event has already taken place.
„Return the Tides: Ascension Suite and Holy Ghost"“
USA, Brazil

Rob Mazurek - compositions, cornet, electronics
Mauricio Takara - cavaquinho, percussion, electronics
Guilherme Granado - keyboards, synth, sampler, voice
Thomas Rohrer - rabeca, soprano saxophone
Rogerio Martins - percussion, voice
Rodrigo Brandão - voice

Rob Mazurek and Black Cube SP seem to follow one goal: to create musical allusions to John Coltrane and Albert Ayler. Never content with mere stylistic references, they aim to give an acoustic expression to transition—from life to death, between the spheres. Composed after the death of his mother, the work of the cornetist and electronic musician oscillates between grief and a celebration of life. Together with the Brazilian ensemble Black Cube, Mazurek generates a broad emotional spectrum that celebrates transformation as a “shamanistic voyage”—a passionate, dynamic ritual of delimitation and transgression in stark contrast to Western funeral music.
Congress center saalfelden
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