Rdeča Raketa & Patrick K.-H. & Ivan Marušić Klif

".. and can not reach the silence"

Slovenia, Croatia, Austria

Maja Osojnik - vocals, live sampling, dj-cd player and other electronic devices
Matija Schellander - modular synthesizer, laptop
Patrick K.-H. - video
Ivan Marušić Klif - video

Rdeča Raketa (Red Rocket) is the electronic music duo of Maja Osojnik and Matija Schellander. With their new project "... and cannot reach the silence", for which they invited two video artists, they deal with the current world of misunderstanding and miscommunication, combining spoken and sung language and abstract electronic sounds with heavy beats, inspired by acousmatic and industrial music, as well as hip hop.
Kunsthaus Nexus
Am Postplatz 1
5760 Saalfelden