Susana Santos Silva

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"Life and Other Transient Storms"
Portugal, Denmark, Sweden

:: Susana Santos Silva - trumpet, flugelhorn
:: Lotte Anker - tenor-, soprano saxophone
:: Sten Sandell - piano
:: Torbjörn Zetterberg - double bass
:: Jon Fält - drums

Susana Santos Silva is part of a generation that has access to all historic styles of improvised music. Instead of distilling this experience into a trendy concoction or adapting it to suit the old and familiar, this incredibly versed trumpet player has developed a language of her own. Departing from the balance between composition and improvisation, she creates free, polymorphic forms that defy simple expressivity or formulaic standards. Her technical skill is captivating, backed by her training in jazz and classical music, and runs the gamut from velvety warmth to cool precision. Her playing comes across as controlled in every note, well thought out down to the smallest detail. Maybe it’s precisely this intellectuality that allows the emotional nature of the music to shine through.
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