Nordic Duo

This event has already taken place.
UK, Norway

:: Jon Surman - clarinets, flutes
:: Vigleik Storaas - piano

Saxophonist John Surman and pianist Vigleik Storaas have been working together on various projects since the 1990s.
They met whilst playing with Karin Krog´s group `The Meantimes`. Since that time they have recorded together on Karin´s album "Oslo Calling" on Meantime records and later the ECM recording "Nordic Quartet" with Karin and Terje Rypdal.John and Vigleik are both masters of their instruments and yet they do not indulge in tiresome technical displays, rather focussing on close interaction and spontaneous changes of direction. Both melodically inspired and rhythmically exciting, their music covered a wide range of emotions.
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