"Do not slam the door!"
Finland, Germany, Serbia

Jelena Kuljic - vocals
Frank Möbus - guitar
Kalle Kalima - guitar
Christian Lillinger - drums

That two such different guitarists like Kalle Kalima and Frank Möbus can be a good match is something you can hardly believe until you hear KUU, their common band. Accompanied by Christian Lillinger, probably one of the most active drummers of these days, and singer Jelena Kuljic, who has already attracted attention throughout Europe with her two bands Jelena K & The Love Trio and Fasil, they ignite a downright zappaesque stage firework, which does not deny their common roots in jazz, while looking for punk. Kuljic as a singer is a natural phenomenon, which may be due to her vocal skills between Nina Simone and Nina Hagen as well as her abilities as a celebrated theater actress.
Kunsthaus Nexus
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Am Postplatz 1
5760 Saalfelden