Gerald Preinfalk - reeds
Georg Vogel - microtonal keys
< Matheus Jardim - drums

One of the most appreciated and versatile saxophonists of Austria is our guest with his heart project. Gerald Preinfalk has brought pianist Georg Vogel (who can also be heard on the self-made microtonal keyboards) and drummer Matheus Jardim, who comes from Brazil, into the new band GeoGeMa. The starting point for the pieces, most of which are created in free interaction, are A4 sheets of paper on which, according to Preinfalk, "compressed instructions are written down as springboards for the improvisational flights of fancy". The nevertheless very compact, multi-layered result and the strong, clear profile of the three musicians make GeoGe- Ma one of the most interesting trios currently to be heard in Austria. (Helmut Jasbar)

Kunsthaus Nexus
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GeoGeMa 2019