"Actio / Re:Actio"


Lisa Hofmaninger - saxophone, clarinet
Robert Schröck - saxophone, clarinet
Jul Dillier - piano
Judith Ferstl - bass
Judith Schwarz - drums

In January 2020 the young Viennese band will release their second album "actio /re:actio". The title refers to the principle of physical interaction "Actio=Reactio" according to Isaac Newton, which says that for every force (actio) there is an equal counterforce (reactio), which acts back on the causer. Equivalent to this, in chuffDRONE each band member acts both as a force and as a counterforce. On the one hand, they act compositionally and instrumentally, while at the same time reacting to the musical impulses of others. In this dense network of interactions, it is usually impossible to determine who is setting the tone and when, but the great power that this ensemble radiates is always perceptible.

Kunsthaus Nexus
Day of Event
Am Postplatz 1
5760 Saalfelden

chuffDRONE [actio / re:actio] Album-Teaser