Kids concert: Bienenkino - Licht im Haus

"bee cinema - light in the house"

Austria, Germany

Christian Reiner - voice
Astrid Wiesinger - saxophone
Beate Wiesinger - bass
Katharina Ernst - drums
Philipp Zoubek - piano, fender
Markus Dorninger - tagtool, drawings
Matthias Fritz - tagtool, animation

"Opulent, sensual images meet improvised music and a passionate storyteller and linguistic acrobat. ... A feast of emotions and a convincing synthesis of the arts." (Jury statement, for the award of the Young Ears Prize 2009)

Cartoon, storytelling, music.
Since 2005, the collective has been working in various formations on plays and programmes at children's eye level. The voice and speech artist Christian Reiner works together with musicians and the two visual artists Matthias Fritz and Markus Dorninger, with whom he also plays in other productions and who developed the visual instrument "Tagtool". Ensemble Tetete takes young audiences seriously. "We make the same demands on ourselves as we do in front of adult audiences. Only the themes are chosen and developed at children's eye level."

presented by Arbeiterkammer Salzburg
Kunsthaus Nexus
Am Postplatz 1
5760 Saalfelden

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