Katharina Ernst solo

Katharina Ernst - drums

le temps, the new solo programme by Katharina Ernst, is a fine and precise occupation with a setup that does completely without feeds and electronics. The explicit beating of the instruments is only one of many rhythm-giving elements here, alongside wiping, opening, closing, ringing, stroking and breathing. Classical ways of playing the drumset are extended by the use of mallets and instruments from traditional Korean music, the samul-nori. High-frequency everyday objects such as bicycle bells and a bathtub plug complete the detailed sound picture. Simple and concentrated compositional forms such as the gradual opening of a sound space over a longer period of time, the cyclical representation of waves, or the deliberate use of acoustic shocks precede a complex polymetric structure that unfolds from this, which in the last part of the programme shows itself as a consequence of the previous focus: as a fanning out of complexity, as a multi-dimensional space.
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