Exhibition with curator's tour: Till Nowak - "Verwirklichkeit"

Nowak is considered one of the most innovative and imaginative artists on the digital art scene. He deals with manipulation, with forms of possibility that barely slide past reality. The question of how reality is formed is a guiding theme. He sees himself as a surprised observer of an extraordinary development of current world events, and transmits a feeling of astonishment, fascination, but sometimes also discomfort in his works.

On Saturday, 29.01 at 17:30 we cordially invite you to the curator's tour with Claus Friede with a glass of wine.
Exhibition duration: January 22 - April 09, 2022
Exhibition in the "Kunsthalle" of Kunsthaus Nexus
Free Entrance!
Kunsthaus Nexus
Day of Event
Am Postplatz 1
5760 Saalfelden