Cinema: Jazz on a Summer's Day

Adults: € 9,-
Youth & Seniors: € 7,-

US 1959
Regie: Aram Avakian, Bert Stern;
Actors: Thelonius Monk, Dinah Washington, Chuck Berry, Luis Armstrong, Mahalia Jackson
Duration: 85 Min.
Restored in 4K from the original camera negative

Bert Stern captures Newport's magic by letting his camera stroll along the beach and roam the idyllic streets with their white houses and boarding houses. Two events converge: the Newport Jazz Festival and the America's Cup sailing regatta. In between, the photographer Bert Stern, famous for his photo session "Last Sitting" with Marilyn Monroe. As in his paintings, Stern succeeds in portraying the personalities. During the day, to the overlapping sounds of music, the sailboats of the regatta glide elegantly across the sea, and the water shimmers with its reflections as an epic to graphic play of colors. After dark, Stern unfolds the range of the great musicians, is completely with them and the audience. The performances sweep you along and encourage you to dance, but Stern also illustrated the very quiet tones. In the middle of it all a light blue suit dances, and no one can deny the charm of a Louis Armstrong or a Mahalia Jackson, whose expressive performance makes the summer evening inevitable.
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