Thomas de Pourquery 'Supersonic'

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00.30 am
"Play Sun Ra"

:: Thomas de Pourquery - alto & soprano saxophone, vocals
:: Laurent Bardainne - tenor & bariton saxophone
:: Fabrice Martinez - trumpet
:: Arnaud Roulin - keyboards & piano
:: Fred Galiay - bass
:: Edward Perraud - drums

Saxophonist and singer Thomas de Pourquery’s moving homage to Sun Ra is meant to prove that France is part of the universe too. Supersonic, the band he put together expressly for this purpose, consists of musicians who are otherwise active in genres outside of jazz, like rock, electronica, and drum’n’bass. This strategy alone guarantees that the perception of the partly epic, partly surprisingly melodic work (“Enlightenment”) is exceptionally fresh. Intelligence, sensitivity, and cosmic intervention combine at their best here.
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