Nels Cline & Marc Ribot: Short Cuts - Jazzfestival 2014

This event has already taken place.

Nels Cline – guitar
Marc Ribot - guitar

In their improvisations, guitarists Nels Cline and Marc Ribot both reach a zone in which unpredictability turns into pure, admirable art. Their masterful use of a wide variety of competing stylistic figures runs the gamut from narrative forms embedded in folk, country, rock, and noise to free improvisations that take their cues from jazz history. Cline and Ribot contrast and mix these styles, or add them as a wordless commentary. Their music is more than just an exchange of stimuli and ideas. They engage in an infinite creative process that fascinates at every instance.
Thu 23:00
Nexus saalfelden
Day of Event
Mittergasse 21a
5760 Saalfelden