Lorenz Raab "In A Silent Way"

This event has already taken place.

Lorenz Raab – trumpet
Štêpán Flagar - saxophone
Primus Sitter – guitar
Philipp Nykrin – keys
Christof Dienz – e-zither
Jojo Lackner – bass
Herbert Pirker – drums

Fifty years ago, Miles Davis released his first fusion album, In a Silent Way, which stood out for its electric sound and groovy rock compositions. The Lorenz Raab Septet is now following in Davis’ footsteps. Taking cues from Joe Zawinul’s eponymous title track in his meditative, trance-like compositions, Upper Austrian trumpeter Lorenz Raab breathes new life into this legendary recording.

Tickets are available at the tourist office Saalfelden, via martina.ellmauer@saalfelden-leogang.at or monika.seer@saalfelden-leogang.at, or by phone +43 / (0) 6582/70660.
Kunsthaus Nexus
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