Tomeka Reid Quartet



Tomeka Reid – cello
Jason Roebke - bass
Mary Halvorson - guitar
Tomas Fujiwara - drums

The “new improvisational mathematics” that cellist Tomeka Reid explores with these three exceptional musicians on her new suite “3+3” forms a wealth of imaginative potential. “We are complex beings,” says Tomeka Reid when asked about her affection for Sonic Youth, hip hop, Beethoven, Abdul Wadud and Pablo Casals, acoustic and electronic sounds. “I want to put it all in there”, she says, “because I do all of those things.” And, she adds, “I want to be able to share.” It makes her the “New Jazz Power Source” (New York Times), and both a Moers Artist in Residence and MacArthur Fellow in 2022 – and is a part of why Reid has done more than anyone else in the new millennium to make the cello an essential part of the current avant-garde.
Congress Saalfelden
25. August 2024
16:45 O'clock
Duration: 1 Hour
Stadtplatz 2
5760 Saalfelden