The Totally Mechanized MIDI Orchestra feat. Various Artists


Midi Orchestra & guests

Nicola L. Hein and Chris Janka, who are also fantastic guitarists, will improvise to the orchestral arrangement of the Midi Orchestra in concert together with curious musicians from the festival.

It rattles and clatters, hums and rattles, it whines and howls in human-mechanical random dynamics: welcome to “The Totally Mechanized Midi-Orchestra”. With a prepared beer-bottle organ, a battered bondage guitar, gurgling pickle jars and xylophone plates, this is the brainchild of our artist in residence Chris Janka. The sound adventurer from Vienna feeds field recordings from Saalfelden to these robots in the Kunstraum, which have been activated by programming professor Nicola Hein, so that the midi robots continue to improvise and play this “acoustic imprint” of the city in constant change. Hein and Janka, who are also fantastic guitarists, improvise on the orchestral processing together with curious musicians from the festival. Blue blood Mark Holub on drums and theremin player Pamelia Stickney will also be taking part. “It's like a garden,” describes the native Californian, who now lives in Vienna. “It grows all by itself, like genetically modified organisms that we work with.”
Kunsthaus Nexus
24. August 2024
10:30 O'clock
Duration: 45 Minutes
Am Postplatz 1
5760 Saalfelden