International Jazzfestival Saalfelden
The Soundscapes


The visual leitmotif 2017-2019:

This year's performance by the Jazz Festival Saalfelden 2017 - which will once again be promoted by the Rahofer advertising agency - features Transformation as its guiding principle. The unique soundscapes of RRRG, ZOXX, PHNU and NNMA have emerged from The Sounds of Saalfelden. Whether extroverted, serene, inquisitive or restrained, each of these sound concepts is distinctive, reflecting the characteristic diversity of Jazz itself. The artists draw these sounds in and transform them into brand-new Sounds of Saalfelden, appropriate to their respective character and style.

RRRG - Round and Smooth

He may looks dangerous at first sight, but he's busy with himself most of the time. Its surface is smooth and shiny, but with warts and pustules. If he hits others, he is frightened. At the same time, he freezes and pushes his warts with loud ploppen, which crack down to the ground and break down softly.

The eternal hiker - ZOXX.

On long stilts, he walks slowly through the area, and from time to time he opens his gigantic mouth to eject long-lasting long-winded tones. If he touches other beings, he looks only astonished. Sometimes he can be carried away by a reaction.

NNMA - the Stoics.

She stands motionless and rigid. Like an ice column, it floats in other spheres and is hardly interested in its environment. It slowly evaporates, until it dissolves completely into smoke and descends into another world. Will we see her again?

PHNU - the Awakened.

She has a funny being, her only eye is exploring the world around her attentively and full of curiosity. When she comes into contact with her surroundings, she blows up and blows out the air with her whistles.

The creative heads behind the soundscapes:

Without the great partners Rahofer, Vienna Paint and Blautöne these four soundscapes, which will accompany us in the next 3 years, would not have arisen. We would like to sincerely thank all of you. It makes the performance of the Jazzfestival Saalfelden unique.
Concept & design: Rahofer Werbeagentur, Salzburg
Animation: Vienna Paint, Vienna
Sound: Blues, Vienna