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Flexible, efficient, extra-occupational and well advised and cared for.

Leogangerstraße 51a
5760 Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer

Together with our partners, the universities of Linz, Salzburg, the FernUniversität Hagen and the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland we offer numerous training and further education opportunities.

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Seer - STAD 2020

SEER live in concert
12. December 2021

SAAC Climbing Camp in Saalfelden Leogang

Climb safely with SAAC 1,5 day camp Program: ----------- 1st day theory part: When: August 21th, 2021: theory from 05.00 p.m. to approx....
21. August - 22. August 2021

Brandlhof Cup 2021

14. August 2021
GG Sujet Web

Günter Grünwald

22. July 2021

Weekly marked saalfelden

The varied offer ranges from regional delicacies and high-quality, sustainably produced foodstuffs to lovingly crafted handicrafts. Both locals and...
02. April - 29. October 2021


"Double Screening" Taiwan, Brazil, Austria Tzu Min Lee - piano Thatiana Gomes - bass Victoria Pfeil - saxophone In this trio...
13. March 2021


"Do not slam the door!" Finland, Germany, Serbia Jelena Kuljic - vocals Frank Möbus - guitar Kalle Kalima - guitar Christian...
12. March 2021
Mira Lu Kovacz

Mira Lu Kovacs

Austria Mira Lu Kovacs – guitar, vocals Beate Wiesinger – bass Kathrin So far, Mira Lu Kovacs has released three albums under the name...
23. August 2020
Karl Ritter

Karl Ritter

„Sound Ritual“ Austria Karl Ritter – guitar Sound ritual is a multi-faceted examination of the phenomenon of waves, the analogies...
21. August 2020
Trio Aires | © Franck Juery

Trio Aïrés

France Edouard Ferlet – piano Airelle Besson – trumpet Stéphane Kerecki – bass For one year, high-flying trumpeter Arielle...
17. January 2020
König / Ismaily / Krauss | © Jachim Gannushkin Ismaily

König / Ismaily / Krauss

Austria, USA Lukas König – drums, Synthesizer Shazad Ismaily – bass Briggan Krauss - saxophone, electric guitar The...
23. August 2019