Reiner Weber with Fuchs

Austria, Switzerland

Christan Weber - bass
Christian Reiner - voice
Christian Fuchs

A double bass player, a speaker and a letterpress printer work together in this cross-genre world premiere. The fact that all three are called Christian is a coincidence. A long sentence emerges before the ears and eyes of the audience simultaneously as spoken language, music and letterpress printing.

A text, a story, a message consisting of only one very long sentence is developed and spoken by Reiner, set to music by Weber and strung together by Fuchs using lead type and wooden letters in different font sizes and printed on a paper roll using a printing carriage specially constructed by Fuchs. Different letter heights mark voice heights and text emphasis. After the ink has been applied by hand, the mobile printing roller is driven over the long set and then the printed strip is rewound.
Bookbindery Fuchs
Zeller Bundesstraße 4
5760 Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer