Paal Nilssen-Love Large Unit

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Norway, Denmark, Brasil

Paal Nilssen-Love (NO) - drums & percussion
Thomas Johansson - cornet and flugelhorn
Kristoffer Alberts - tenor and alto saxophone
Julie Kjær - alto saxophone and flute
Klaus Holm - alto and baritone saxophone
Mats Aleklint - trombone
Per Åke Holmlander - tuba
Ketil Gutvik - electric guitar
Jon Rune Strøm - double and electric bass
Christian Meaas Svendsen - double and electric bass
Andreas Wildhagen - drums & percussion
Paulinho Bicolor - cuica

The intense excitement generated here is well calculated. Drummer Paal Nilssen-Love’s ambitiously-sized ensemble thrives on unexpected breaks, contrasting almost intimate solos with sudden eruptions of massive sound. They’re a fine dozen of musicians and employ a sophisticated dramaturgy with composed passages that serve as anchor points. These compositions come with their own, built-in resolution. Large Unit proves to be a highly disciplined ensemble: by now, they’ve had a lot of experience playing together, and they’re an improvisational big band of a very different, extremely dynamic kind. This band strikes an ideal balance between individual freedom, intentional structure, and collective dissolution of form.
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