40th International Jazzfestival Saalfelden

Anyone who thinks that jazz can only be authentically presented in the extroverted art quarter of a megacity in the US is wrong. Every year in Saalfelden, a selection of experimental musicians come together who defy the mainstream and venture on a high artistic level to create something new and set clear accents of individuality.

The 40th anniversary is of course a reason to celebrate! But this birthday is not taken as an opportunity to look back, but to look forward! Keeping the existing stages, Saalfelden is transformed into a pulsating music city, where you can visit over 55 concerts over four days. More than half of them are offered for free admission.

for the Mainstage and the Shortcuts concerts will be available from
February 2019 onwards via
https://www.jazzsaalfelden.com/de/tickets/online-bestellen or on Tel .:
+43 (0) 6582 70660 | Fax: +43 (0) 6582 70660 -99 Email: monika.seer@saalfelden-leogang.at, sabrina.rieder@saalfelden-leogang.at

22. August - 25. August 2019
Saalfelden und Umgebung
Day of Event
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday