"3 Days Jazz"

3 Days of Jazz—this is what Saalfelden’s first jazz festival was called in 1978. What was once a small festival with twelve concerts spread out over three days has evolved into a mega-event with 31 concerts over four days. Starting in 2016, a new winter jazz festival will be added to the calendar. It will bear the same name as the event that started everything: 3 Days of Jazz.

The festival will take place at two locations, in Saalfelden and in Leogang. A free shuttle will link both towns.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, two concerts each will take place at the Nexus Kunsthaus Art Center. At the Leogang Museum for Mining and Gothic Arts, another concert will take place on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday, a morning and afternoon matinee performance will take place.

By adding this new festival to its calendar, Saalfelden Leogang has once again positioned itself as a region of prime cultural significance.

The program will be announced in late October!